i am not so sure that treat is worth this humiliation

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  1. Anka Says:

    Thanks for this improvement, it is much betetr than before with the blurry images I was getting. But like others here, I’d love to be able to chose any frame (many still don’t have one suitable for a title page). Another thing would be tagging our channels- I get way less hits on my channel than my videos but I put a lot of work into arranging it, as do many others. Also, maybe some kind of a spam filter- I mean look at this page, it’s going to put people off reading the comments, though I know, one man’s spam is another man’s meaningful comment (not always, though).Another thing- hope you keep up with the channel customisation trend so we can have more unique channels, maybe with some more possibility of uploading jpegs , maybe some flash animations and betetr ways to link to other sites, blogs and stuff? Also, I disabled my bulletin board because of webcam spam. Maybe we can select the comments to go on the top page there, like a kind of guestbook? There has to be a way of getting rid of this spam, maybe a pause while watching a video before any commenting is allowed, to make sure they are really watching (as someone suggested). I also think good comments shouldn’t get lost in the sea of words out there, the ‘noise’. Maybe letting everyone rate the comments is the most democratic way?Anyway, thanks for all the improvements, they are appreciated!

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