i’m going to need another few minutes. Come back in 5.

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  1. Pramod Says:

    I just saw the results of the Iowa straw poll.I want some real anesrws on the suppoed break down of the voting machine where 1500 votes had to be recounted.I’m to believe that the election was rigged. Redistributing Votes For Ron Paul to other candates is fraud. Fraudulent activities seem to be the norm in the polling place in the last 8 years. This is why We The People don’t believe in these results.Iowa knows Ron Paul is the choice of the American patriot so lets have a e-mail poll, Iowans can place a real vote to You Tube and lets compare.This can be done state by state. then we will know for sure that they’er censoring the people’s choice for the next President of this free America. Ron Paul is awaken the sleeping giant in America, we are not going down without a fight for freedom, justice and the American way,God Bless America and God bless Ron Paul

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